Winter 2017 Information, Forms, and Deadlines

Request Winter 2017 Accommodations

Please submit your accommodation request:

If you need assistance with the accessibility of the survey site, please call 540-231-3788 or email and we will be glad to assist you. 

Alternate Text Accommodation Winter 2017

The alternate text format accommodation is assigned to certain students with appropriate documentation confirming a print disability and the need for required reading to be in an electronic format.

Alternate text requests for winter session must be submitted by Friday, December 2, 2016. The university will close from December 24 to January 4. Therefore, no alternate text requests for winter session will be accepted after the due date.

Upon receiving your winter semester schedule, determine your list of required textbooks. If you cannot determine required reading material for a winter class, email SSD ( with the class information, professor’s name and professor’s email. SSD will contact the professor.

If you are a student who receives the alternate text accommodation but is unsure how to use text to speech software options, please contact the SSD office at or 540-231-3788.

Purchasing textbooks

Due to U.S. copyright laws, SSD must receive a proof of purchase from a student before providing an alternate text format. If you have any questions about what is an acceptable proof of purchase contact the SSD office.

An audio or e-book format may be a consideration for you when purchasing your textbooks. If you have questions about purchasing these formats contact SSD or the purchasing agent. E-book purchases are usually non-refundable so be sure this format will work with your text-to-speech options.

Note-Taking Accommodations Winter 2017

The note-taking accommodation is assigned to certain students with medical documentation confirming the need for access to a set of class notes. This accommodation assists students with auditory, memory, psychological, visual or physical conditions in overcoming a barrier caused by a disability. Students must attend class to receive notes through this accommodation. Students receiving notes agree that the notes are for personal use only and not to be shared or posted online.

Note taker requests for winter 2017 must be submitted by Friday,  December 9, 2016. The university will close from December 24 to January 4. Therefore, no note taker requests will be accepted after the due date.

To receive notes from a volunteer note taker a SSD student must complete the SSD survey and indicate he/she will need a note taker.

Due to the short semester, SSD will work directly with professors to establish a note taker.

Direct Links to Forms - Spring and Fall Semesters

For instructions on how to use any of the forms below, please see the appropriate section of our website under the Accommodations drop-down menu near the top of the page.

Request Accommodation Letters

Note Taking Request Form

Alternative Text Request Form

Special Housing Accommodation Packet