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Alternate Text Student Responsibilities

Alternate Text Requests for Spring 2018 are due by Friday, January 19.

For assistance using the alternate text format accommodation, students should contact the SSD alternate text coordinator at or 231-3788.

  • Please add  to your email address book.

  • Create a list of required textbooks needed for the semester. If you cannot locate the book information for a class contact the instructor or the department to request the information. If you do not receive a timely reply please contact

  • Submit an online alternate text format request form (

  • The following textbook information will be required to complete the request form: title, edition, author, ISBN number, and publisher.

  • Acquiring an electronic file can take time. To ensure you have everything you need when classes begin, submit your requests 4-6 weeks before the semester begins.

  • Due to copyright laws, students must provide SSD with a proof of purchase for books. Please deliver your receipts to the SSD office or attach a copy to an email to

  • Access your textbooks in alternative format on Canvas. Need help? Review the Canvas Instructions (PDF).

  • The alternate text format accommodation includes class material posted by instructors. Contact SSD if an instructor’s posted reading material is inaccessible.

  • If publishers have been contacted but an alternate text formatted book is not made available, students have the option of permitting SSD to cut, scan, and rebind their book to create electronic files. This is a free service but students must provide SSD with a personally owned copy of the textbook. Rented textbooks cannot be used for this purpose. The University Bookstore will not buy back rebound books.

  • Students receiving alternate text format files agree that the files are for personal use only and not to be shared or posted online. To do so is a violation of the Virginia Tech Honor Code and federal and state copyright laws.

Agreement for the Use of Alternatively Formatted Course Materials **

When completing the online alternate text format request form, students will be asked to agree to the SSD copyright agreement shown below.

  • I agree that I am enrolled for the semester in the particular course(s) for which I am requesting alternatively formatted instructional materials.
  • I have purchased the required course materials.
  • I agree that I will not copy or reproduce alternatively formatted instructional materials nor allow anyone else to do so pursuant to the requirements of the copyright revision act of 1976 as amended (17 U.S.C. §101 et seq.).
  • I will not share alternatively formatted materials with other students or any other person.
  • I understand that any violation of this agreement may be considered a violation of Virginia Tech’s Honor Code and may result in penalties. Violations may also constitute a violation of federal and/or state laws and may result in civil proceedings and payment of fines or other moneys to the copyright holder.
  • Furthermore, if I violate this agreement I will be required to meet with a SSD disability coordinator.

**Adapted from the Association for American Publishers (AAP) Request Form, Section 5: Verification and Agreement. Most recent retrieval: March 29, 2012 from AAP’s Publishers Look-up Service at