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Students with the Note-Taking Accommodation

Note Taker Requests for Spring 2018 are due by Friday, February 2.

The Note Taker Accommodation Process

  • Students will deliver the accommodation letter to each instructor every semester AND discuss their note taker accommodation needs.
  • If a student requires a note taker then he/she should ask the instructor to locate a volunteer note taker. If no one volunteers, instructors should contact the SSD office for assistance, 540-231-3788.
  •  Instructors provide their volunteer note taker information to the SSD office.
  • SSD students complete the online note taker request form each semester.
  • SSD adds the SSD student and the volunteer note taker to the SSD Canvas site used to distribute notes.
  • If instructors have questions regarding the note taker accommodation, direct them to the SSD office at 540-231-3788.
  • Students should log onto Canvas regularly to retrieve class notes. Do not wait until a few days before a quiz or test.
  • If notes are not legible, effective, or uploaded in a timely manner, contact the SSD office immediately at 540-231-3788 or

Please add  to your address book to ensure delivery of communications to your inbox.

Procedure for submitting note-taker needs to the SSD office

  • Students please discuss your note taking needs with each instructor. If a volunteer note taker is needed, ask the instructor to locate 2 or 3 volunteers. If an instructor is unsure how to identify a volunteer, contact the SSD office.
  • Please complete the SSD note taker request form. This form provides SSD with the class information for which your instructors will submit volunteer note taker information.

Procedure for Accessing Notes on the SSD Note taking Website

Follow these instructions to retrieve your notes.

Reminder: notes received through this accommodation are for the student’s personal use only. Sharing, selling or posting notes is a violation of the Virginia Tech Honor Code.

Attend class: Class attendance is required to receive notes.

Other Notes

  • SSD recommends that students take notes to the best of their ability. Taking personal notes often assists students in staying engaged in class.
  • Ask the instructor if you can record lectures and use the recording for filling in areas you may be unsure of or may miss.

Note-Taking Resources