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Testing Rules

Be proactive and review your course syllabi prior to your appointments so you will be aware of any scheduled tests, quizzes, pop-quizzes, and/or online tests. Discuss all of your testing accommodations with your professor and get all of the details for tests during your initial meeting with your professor. You need to discuss what date and time to take the test and the exact location to take the test. Record your testing dates and locations in your planner.

Students should treat any testing situation just as if it were being taken in the classroom.

  • Start your test at the scheduled time
  • Finish your test (including OpScans/Scantrons) by the scheduled stop time.
  • If you go over the test time (including extended time), even if no one notifies you, you are in violation of the Virginia Tech Honor Code.
  • Use only materials allowed by the professor.
  • Respect others in the classroom.
  • The Virginina Tech Honor Code is always in effect.

You are entitled to testing accommodations, but you must be a good self-advocate. Once you begin a test, or continue to take a test, under less than ideal circumstances or without accommodation, you have agreed to those conditions. It is your right not to take your test if your accommodations are not provided. If there are any problems with your accommodations or test, please contact SSD immediately or 540-231-3788.

Taking Tests in a Location the Professor Provides

  • You should take your tests in an environment that is as distraction free as possible. You may be in a room with other students using testing accommodations.
  • Close to the test date, send your professor an email to remind him or her that you are using testing accommodations and verify the location. 
  • We recommend that you go to the testing location prior to the actual test date, preferably at the same time of day you will be taking the test. This is so you will know exactly where to go on the test date and if there may be any potential problems with the testing site, such as noise level or traffic. Let your professors know your concerns before the test date.
  • You should NOT start the test with the class or pick up the test in front of the class. To protect your privacy ask your professor to make alternate arrangements for you to obtain the test.

Taking Tests in the SSD Testing Center

Work with your professor ahead of time to arrange test dates and times so that he or she can reserve testing space in the SSD Testing Center using the Online Testing Reservation System (OTRS). Reservations must be made three business days prior to your test (five business days during final exams week).

  • It is helpful to ask your professor to reserve all test dates and times for the whole semester at one time.
  • If all of your tests have not been scheduled at the beginning of the semester, email your professor a week before the next test date to remind him or her to schedule your test using the OTRS.
  • If a test you thought was scheduled to be taken in the SSD Testing Center does not appear on the OTRS, contact your professor to remind him or her to schedule it. 

Only the professor can authorize any changes to the testing reservation, such as times, items allowed, etc. Bags, personal items, electronic devices, and food are not allowed in the testing rooms.

Start and Stop Times

  • The test starts at the time that was scheduled on the OTRS, regardless of when the student arrives at the SSD Testing Center.
  • Students need to notify the testing coordinator if they are delayed.
  • The testing coordinator will notify the professor of any student arriving for a test more than 15 minutes late, and the professor may be contacted to determine whether or not to allow the student to start the test.
  • If there is time lost to circumstances beyond a student’s control (fire drill, technical issues, missing test pages, etc.), the start and stop time will be adjusted.
  • Students will be given start and stop times by the testing coordinator at the beginning of the test, and clocks are in each testing room. SSD staff will not remind students that time is close to being up, because that causes disruptions for other students.
  • A student must leave the testing room by the time the test is scheduled to stop. He or she is not to be finishing a question, copying a problem, or filling in bubbles (unless there is an accommodation for direct assistance with OpScan/Scantron).
  • If a student goes over the allotted time at all, the professor will be notified, and a note will be placed in the student’s SSD file.
  • If a student violates testing rules, he or she may be required to meet with a senior SSD staff member, and testing privileges at the SSD Testing Center can be revoked.