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Request Reasonable Accommodations

This section describes how to request services and accommodations. 

1. Submit an Academic Accommodations Request Form and documentation to the secure portal here:

Include any relevant documentation. If you do not have documentation, submit a written statement explaining your disability. For example, “I broke my arm Tuesday and am unable to type/write with my dominant hand for the next 4 weeks”.  For guidance on appropriate documentation, review our Documentation Guidelines:

We understand it may be difficult for you to obtain disability documentation from a medical professional right now. Please reach out to us if you believe you have a disability. You are our priority, not your documentation, so do not delay based on concern about documentation guidelines. Please contact SSD at if you have documentation concerns. 

2. Complete an intake meeting with your disability counselor.

This is an opportunity to meet the disability counselor for your primary college. This meeting is also an opportunity to clarify any concerns about campus and familiarize yourself with SSD staff, procedures, and our facility. During this meeting you will share information about your learning styles, barriers, and past educational experiences and help identify reasonable options that provide equal access at Virginia Tech. Meetings generally result in an accommodation letter that lists approved accommodations. You may then use this document to arrange individual accommodations in your courses. 

3. Implement your accommodations and keep us in the loop!

After your intake meeting, learn how to implement your accommodations by completing SSD’s orientation in Canvas. SSD emailed you an invitation to the course in Canvas after your intake meeting. Log in with your Virginia Tech credentials to learn useful information about your accommodations. 

Now you will work with your instructor to determine the best methods for implementation. Have a private conversation with your instructor about implementing accommodations in her course. Not sure how to talk to your instructor? Make sure you complete our orientation as soon as you can for helpful information. If you and your instructor are not sure, please loop in your counselor so we can help you and the instructor identify appropriate options. 

Once your accommodations are implemented, remember to keep in touch! We want to hear about your successes and challenges. If you believe different accommodations would be equitable, please reach out to us as soon as possible so we can further discuss with you.


  • Students are encouraged to request accommodations early in the semester. Accommodations are generally not retroactive and take time to implement depending on complexity. If you are not sure whether you want to use accommodations in College, we still encourage you to meet with a disability counselor to learn about other opportunities for support around campus or resources on independent disability management. 

  • Before Fall and Spring semesters, previous accommodation users may request some accommodations through our expedited process. Requests can include 1.5x or 2x extended time on assessments, priority scheduling, reduced-distraction environments for testing, and some note-taking assistance. Students who opt into the expedited process do not complete an intake meeting, so requests are typically processed faster than standard requests. Students new to using accommodations, and/or requests outside the accommodations listed are not eligible for the expedited process and should follow our standard process to request accommodations.