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Temporary Injuries/Ilnesses

Temporary disabilities may include, but are not limited to, injured limbs, surgeries, and short-term illnesses. These disabilities may require accommodations for several weeks of a full semester.


Students with a temporary disability should contact Phyllis Smith at Schiffert Health Center at 540-231-5313 if they have missed classes due to a temporary disability and would like a letter sent to their professors verifying the absence. Students should also contact each of their professors to explain what has occurred and to discuss missed class work and tests.

Students who need to request academic relief in the form of medical withdrawals or late class drops should contact Phyllis Smith at 540- 231-5313 to request the appropriate forms.

Transportation and Parking

Students with temporary mobility disabilities who need to arrange transportation to and from campus should contact BT Access at 961-1803 or at their website

Students with temporary Department of Motor Vehicles (DVM) hangtags or students who wish to request temporary medical parking from Virginia Tech Parking Services should visit the Parking Services website at and click on Rules and Regulations for Handicap and Temporary Medical Disability Parking.

Additional information about transportation and parking can be found on SSD's Transportation information page.

Academic Accommodations

Students requesting academic accommodations through Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) will need to provide documentation of their temporary disability that supports the need for specific types of accommodations. Academic accommodations may include: note takers, extended testing time, or extension on assignments or projects. Students should meet with an SSD coordinator to arrange for accommodations by calling 540-231-3788.

Dining Services

Students who are sick or unable to visit a dining center due to a temporary physical disability (i.e. broken leg or back injury) can make special meal arrangements. Dining Services has a sick meal policy that allows a student to pick up a meal for a temporarily disabled friend. Scroll down to Sick Meal Policy.

Emergency Evacuation

Students with temporary mobility disabilities should be familiar with their residence hall evacuation procedures as well as the evacuation procedures for their classrooms in the event of a fire drill, or other emergency situations that dictate all students evacuating a building. For residence hall procedures, students should contact their resident advisor or their area coordinator. A brochure entitled "Evacuation and Safety Planning for Individuals with Disabilities" is available in the SSD office at 310 Lavery Hall.

Wheelchairs, Crutches, and Personal Attendants

Wheelchairs, crutches, or personal attendants are the responsibility of the student. You may rent crutches and wheelchairs through the following local agencies:

Medi Home Health
Phone: 540-951-1786
Address: 3635 South Main Street, Blacksburg, VA

New River Valley Rent-All
Phone: 540-953-1211
Address: 3925 South Main Street, Blacksburg, VA

Carilion Home Care Services
Phone: 540-639-0655
Address: 707 Randolph Street, Suite G-101, Radford, VA