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Online Testing Reservation System Information

Step-by-Step Procedures

In order to receive testing accommodations, you, the student, must present your current Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Accommodation Letter to your professor detailing your testing accommodations. It is your professor’s responsibility to secure appropriate space for your testing needs.  All testing arrangements must be made through your professor in advance of each test/quiz. If your professor cannot provide space, a Testing Reservation Request must be completed online by your professor and submitted at least three business days before the date of the test and one week prior to the final exam date.

  • Discuss with your professor the details for your test(s) and agreeable dates and times.  Your professor will make the actual testing reservation request online.  Multiple reservations may be requested at the same time.
  • Once the testing reservation has been approved by the SSD Testing Center, you will receive an email notifying you that your testing reservation has been made using the Online Testing Reservation System (OTRS).  The email will contain the link to the OTRS so that you can log on and view tests that have been scheduled for you.  Review the information about the test to make sure everything is as you agreed with the professor.
  • If anything in the testing reservation is incorrect, notify your professor immediately to make corrections.  Only the professor can make changes in the approved reservation.
  • If your professor makes changes in the testing reservation, you will again receive an email to notify you of the change.
  • Talk with your professor with plenty of time to schedule your test(s).

Final exam testing space, if needed, should be scheduled at least one week in advance of your exam date in order to secure testing space. SSD will not administer tests on a walk-in basis. Late reservation requests will not be accepted.

View your Testing Reservations for All of Your Classes

  • Log onto the Online Testing Reservation System by using your Virginia Tech PID and password. Note:You must be using either Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Firefox, or Chrome as your browser.
  • Your reservations will appear in chronological order, with latest date first. You may sort your reservations by column, with ascending or descending order.
  • You may search for specific testing reservations by entering your professor’s last name in the search box.
  • You may view testing reservations that are pending approval, completed, incomplete, rejected, or canceled by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • If any detail of a testing reservation is not correct, or if the time of your test conflicts with a class, or if testing dates have been changed by the professor, contact your professor.  Only the professor can make changes in the approved reservation.
  • If any test/quiz that you believe should have been scheduled does not appear on your list of testing reservations, contact your professor.
  • Remember, the OTRS is only for tests taken at the SSD Testing Center.


Most professors give out syllabi and the university schedules final exams, so you should know most testing dates at the beginning of each semester. There is no penalty for signing up early to take these tests and exams at the SSD Testing Center.

If you do not see a test scheduled within a week of the date it will be taken, contact your professor immediately.