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Accommodations and Physical Access

At Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), our goal is to remove disability related barriers for students in the learning, living, and dining environments. We strive to maximize access and opportunity. Through our iterative interactive process, we determine accommodations tailored to the individual needs of students. We use a combination of self-reported disability history and health provider documentation to identify reasonable accommodations. The following broad categories represent common accommodations supported at Virginia Tech. These are not exhaustive. To request accommodations, please follow the instructions on our How to Connect page.

Some accommodations may not be considered reasonable when there are concerns of safety or fundamental alteration. Instructors should reach out to us at if they have questions about how to implement specific accommodations. Students should schedule a consultation appointment to revisit any current or desired accommodations.

Accommodations Descriptions

Students going through the interactive process will work with an access team advisor to pinpoint disability related barriers and accommodations to remove them. The categories below are not exhaustive but do describe in broad terms the most common accommodations that we support. These are not a menu of accommodations students can choose from and are provided for informational purposes only. Instructors are invited to reach out to us if they need guidance on how an accommodation might be implemented in their course. Likewise, students are welcome to reach out to their access team advisor if they are unsure if or how an accommodation might apply to a particular course.