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SSD 101

This 20-30 minute presentation provides a general overview of what the Services for Students with Disabilities office does.  Presenters will review types of disabilities, the process of requesting accommodations and registering with SSD, give example of accommodations, explain confidentiality and office referrals as well answer audience questions.

Feedback from students on what they learned from an SSD 101 presentation: 

  • The different accommodations available to students.
  • The extent that the SSD office goes to help on an individual basis and                        personal level.
  • Read and Write Gold can help with reading long texts.
  • SSD deals with psychological disabilities.
  • Half of students (registered with SSD) learned they had a disability after                  they got here.


Keeping It Reel: Disability Portrayal in Movies and Television

This interactive presentation is a historical examination of how disabilities have been depicted in movies and television since 1932. Video clips are shown with discussion time allotted after each viewing. This presentation is a full 40 minutes. Some topics include:

  • Is disability depicted accurately in movies & television?
  • Should actors without disabilities be chosen for these roles?
  • How has the portrayal of disability in movies & television changed over the years?
  • How does this topic relate to the VA Tech aspirations of Civility and Self-understanding and Integrity?
  • What lessons can we take from this presentation to apply to inclusion of students with disabilities on the campus of Virginia Tech?

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