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Academic Relief/Suspension Appeal

Undergraduate students facing extenuating circumstances that compromise their ability to fulfill academic responsibilities, such as attending classes or completing coursework, for an extended period within a semester, may seek academic relief. Broadly, a student may be eligible for academic relief with a recommendation from an appropriate campus student support entity, such as the Dean of Students Office, Cook Counseling Center, Schiffert Health Center, Services for Students with Disabilities, and the Office for Equity and Accessibility, to support the student’s need for relief. 

Academic relief typically entails a complete withdrawal from all courses in a semester, with these courses being indicated on the transcript as "WP" (Withdrawal, exception).  

The review procedure for academic relief consists of several steps. Initially, the student's academic college and, where relevant, University Scholarships and Financial Aid, and the Cranwell International Center, offer comments and review. Subsequently, the request undergoes assessment by the appropriate campus student support entity. The Academic Relief Committee evaluates the request, considering the campus entity's recommendations, and arrives at a decision.  

Students who believe they may qualify for academic relief can access the online portal to initiate the process.