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Determining Implementation of Accommodations

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) determines reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case basis depending on the disability-based barriers.

What if a requested accommodation alters the essential components of my course?

 If you believe a specific accommodation will fundamentally alter the essential components of the course, contact SSD to discuss the specific nature of the accommodation's impact on the course and explore potential alternatives.

Who determines the accommodations for a student with a disability? 

University Policy 4075 designates SSD as the appropriate office to receive and determine reasonable accommodations. We work collaboratively with campus partners to remove barriers in living and learning environments.

When a student identifies as having a disability, what should faculty and staff do?

Determine whether your current class policies might meet the student’s needs. Many times, instructors have built in inclusive efforts to increase access. Refer the student directly to Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) to discuss the academic accommodations process. 

When is a student required to notify faculty of a need for accommodations? 

The need for accommodation can rise at any point in the semester so students may share their accommodation letter with instructors at any point in a sesmester. Instructors need a reasonable amount of time to implement accommodations. SSD recommends instructors remind students to share their letters at the beginning of the semester and that students share their letters as soon as they are aware of their need for accommodation. Accommodations are generally not applied retroactively. 

What is my responsibility if a student provides me with a current accommodation letter from Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), but chooses not to use any accommodations in my class? What if the student doesn't ask to use an accommodation until after failing several assignments or exams?

Your responsibility is to provide the accommodations beginning when they are requested by the student. It is the student's choice as to which accommodations to use in each of his or her classes. The student has been advised by the SSD office that accommodations do not have to be provided retroactively. So, if a student chooses to take a test without extended time and does poorly on the test, the professor does not have to allow the student to retake that test using extended time. The student should notify the professor in advance that he or she will be using extended time on the next test.