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Notetaking Support

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Notetaking accommodations assist students with auditory, memory, psychological, visual, or physical conditions. All materials received through this accommodation are for the student’s personal use only. Contact for assistance with any questions.

Some of the common notetaking supports from SSD are:

Lecture Recording

Lecture recording may be appropriate in instances where using notetaking technology or a volunteer notetaker is not a viable option. The lecture recording could be created in numerous ways. There is no expectation that the class take place in a video connected classroom in order to implement this accommodation. Instructors may want to request a TLOS consultation for ideas about the best way to implement this accommodation. 

Instructor Notes

In very few cases, using a copy of the instructor's notes may be a reasonable accommodation. For example, if audio recording or volunteer notetaking are not viable options. The notes do not need to be a verbatim transcript of the class. 

Notetaking Technology

Notetaking technology typically includes one of several software solutions (such as SmartPens, Glean, etc). Some software uses audio recording and audio tagging to help students study smarter not harder. Some also allow students to create a text transcript to use as a study aids. Students using audio recording are expected to use the materials for personal study only.

Volunteer Notetaker

Volunteer notetaking is intended to support students who have physical or cognitive limitations. Notetakers may be any student enrolled in the class who would like to volunteer. Students must attend class to receive notes using this accommodation.

SSD does not provide training on notetaking but highly recommends using the notetaking supports from the Student Success Center